Interim Pastor, Rev. Ron Patterson




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Betty Moore, Music Coordinator and Instrumentalist

Betty has blessed IPBC since 1962 with her musical talents.  She plays piano, and fills our sanctuary with notes of praise from the beautiful organ. 

Betty has a unique education background.  In addition to taking 11 years of piano lessons, she graduated from the Warren-Candler School of Nursing in Savannah, Georgia, received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, and went on to earn an MSA from Central Michigan University, with an emphasis in Medical Administration.

Come and experience Betty's incredible Sounds of Music!



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Dawn McCabe, Worship Leader

Dawn’s father was Jay Wimberly, a Baptist preacher, as were both her grandfathers, so she was raised in the shadow of the church.  Her mother, Shirley, was actively involved in church work as a teacher and as a musician.  (She was even born in the Baptist Hospital.)  She was taught, though from an early age, that being from a good Baptist family was not what saved her.  The Lord Jesus Christ is her Savior and her Hope.  God’s Spirit found her and drew her to His side when she was 7 years old. 

 When she was 11, the family took to the road.  Daddy’s work as an evangelist took them to revival meetings all over the Southeastern United States.  Dawn likes to say she was homeschooled when homeschool wasn’t cool. They traveled for 3 years in a 17 foot travel trailer.  They learned to get along.  And in in all those revival meetings, they did it all.  Daddy preached.  Mama played the piano and sang solos.  Dawn learned ministry firsthand!

 Dawn has a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Education from the North American School of Theology.  She has been teaching both children and adults in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School since she was a teenager.  Dawn directed music for children, youth, adults, and congregations.  

 Dawn and her husband Brian have been married for 27 years.  He is a big help to her.  She studies and he keeps the desk clean.  At times he has been her cheerleader, her recruiter, and her sergeant at arms.  Dawn’s son Jarrod lives in Tampa.  He tries to encourage her in all her undertakings.  She has four amazing grandchildren, and one on the way.

 She likes sewing, cooking, and crafts.  She has always enjoyed reading.  Dawn likes mystery stories, particularly those of Agatha Christie.  She likes classic television and old movies, and also enjoys scary movies.  The ability to keep an audience in suspense is truly an art that few have.

 Throughout Dawn’s life, her father taught her that she was to ‘Study to show herself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.’  Dawn feels blessed to be able to continue spreading the message of God’s grace.

Dawn has an encyclopedic knowledge of hymnology, and an exuberance for sharing God’s Word through doctrinally and theologically sound worship music. IPBC is blessed to have her as part of our church family.